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Small Business Systems Checkup

I have

All of which gives me an idea about how an organisation works. Especially a small business.

Good communication between you and your customers? - Absolutely vital! And between you and your suppliers? Also essential. What opportunities (not to mention time and money) are lost when communication is poor, supplies are slow or unreliable, or information is outdated.

Do supplies arrive at the right time?

When you have a special deal, are you able to notify your customers immediately? Would email or SMS be better?

Technology brings powerful tools to help a small business run in a powerful way. At the same time though, the huge number of alternative solutions out there, together with having to learn new things: this all brings big challenges.

Then there's putting it all together. Do you work on your own, or have you got a team behind you? How to ensure everbody's doing everything right, and in the same way? Does one employee greet a customer of your's one way, but another treats them completely differently? How does this affect your image?

And what about ordering, signage, organizing things?- Most organisations and most businesses need a system so that everybody knows what they're doing, when, and how. And it usually needs to be documented.

And so I offer you my Small Business Systems Checkup.

Together we go through every aspect of your business which you are happy share with me (in the strictest confidence). I go through “with a tooth-comb” and write up recommendations. And, upon your approval, we work together to put these things in place - helping your business to become even more effective!

Download my Small Business Systems Checkup brochure here.